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A340E question.

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okay. the 5m is usually paired with the A43DL/E transmissions. the E version being electronic. however the 87-88 cressida's came with the A340E automatic transmission (7mge transmission) anyone know how much of a beating this transmission can take? i figure it is built for a 200 hp engine on a 150 horse engine and could prolly take a slight beating.
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I cant answer your question for you, but I know if I were to convert a MKII to a 7M and auto combo, I would figure out SOMEWAY to put the bigger tranny in the car. Even if nothing but piece of mind. I don't like doing a job twice, and that's one of the things that's held me up with all my Supra building. Wantign to plan out the perfect combinations so that I dont HAVE to go back in later and go, "oh well,.. this tranny tore up, guess I'll have to put another one in". Or, "yep, too much power for this clutch, guess I'll tear it apart so I can change it with something else I should have put in there in the firast place" I dont knwo if that helps you any, but that's just my two cents wroth.. :)

well there is Phil D. that has that 6MGTE auto (A43DL/E) running around on. I and the autos (A43DL/E) that Iv had (on a stock 5MGE) have taken a whole lot of beating around, however my cousin and I did rebuild it for that pourpose. Im sure that other tranny would hold up much better.
and Im sure Phill will chime in soon about set up.
A340E are also used in the 7M/2J turbo applications as well.. But what I've read on the SOGI list over the years, I've heard that the GTE A340E innards are different/slightly more beefed up???? Can anyone confirm this??? I "think" the 2JZ-GTE's in the Auto MKIV's are A340E's as well???

Phil did do some research on this several years ago, as to what can be done about beefing up the A43DL/E. Not much out there. He did say that Level 10 had something to offer, but I can't remember exactly what it was now.
they used the A340E transmission everywhere huh. from the 5m to the 2jz lol.okay so the gte 340 is more beefed up then my 5m 340. humm. so i shouldn't use my transmission on a gte.
Uhmmmmm..... no........

5MGE's did NOT use the A340E!!!!! It was the A43DL/DE. For the MA Supra's, they switched to the A340E when they went to the MKIII & the 7M.
My understanding is that the A340E behind the 2JZ is different than the one behind the 7M. There is a site on the web somewhere that tells how to stick the newer parts into the older case. The one behind the 7M isn't that strong from what I understand, I seem to recall they tend to go boom once you go past the low 300 rwhp mark. Granted they are pushing a fairly heavy car around :lol:
Uhmmmmm..... no........

5MGE's did NOT use the A340E!!!!! It was the A43DL/DE. For the MA Supra's, they switched to the A340E when they went to the MKIII & the 7M.
87-8 5mge Cressidas came stock with the A340E :D
Yes,the later/turbo models do have better internals.But the swap would actually be easy,maybe a few plugs to re-pin.
zankone said:
and Im sure Phill will chime in soon about set up.
I'll chime in sure. I'm only using the original A43 because I didn't find any other viable alternatives at the time. I had it rebuilt and installed a tranny cooler and a redline fluid in the hopes that it would hold up a little better than a stock original with 150K miles. It has held up just fine with the exception that it has sprung a leak the likes of which Captain Hazelwood would be proud :shock: . Realize of course that gte only gets exercised on the odd weekend so anyone considering a abusing one with a turbo on a daily basis would likely do better with an A340. A local guy is working on a 7mgte/A340 setup into an 83. Its not on the road yet, but I'm pretty sure it would work fine.

Phil D
Phil D - If you had to do it all over again, would you have gone with the A340E (considering you had one laying around)? I'm considering the 7M-GTE swap, mostly due to a recent availabilty of a Mkiii Turbo donor car.

I'd like to keep the A43DLDE, considering I have a one-piece driveshaft for it.

Oh, and where can I get a higher stall converter for the A43DL/DE?
Toyota put two different stall speed converters into Supras w/a43d-must be matching to rear end ratios-if you have OE Converter, paint codes will tell you stall-If not-Aftermarket rebuilder part # will tell-if you have lower stall choice, stock high stall will give you 300 RPM higher stall-if you want higher still, most speed shops will know local rebuilder of stall converters-anything over stock high stall should be fortified w cooler cause most converter builders just increase clearances to get higher stall-less torque being transferred until stall speed comes on creates more heat-Mike
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