Car is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

1979 Celica-Supra MA46-004166, last person that saw the car in person that apparently has stuff with the Supra Registry and dug into it said its likely the 2nd oldest Supra remaining but no idea if its true. Original Alberta car from Whitecourt, has the original 4M-E, W50 and F312 rear axle. Manufactured in January 1979 so the first month/year of Supra in North America. I am the 2nd owner, I bought it off the original owners Estate in 2011. Many original documents are in the hatch including the original owners Toyota Club card, factory engine and chassis repair manuals, whack of spare parts, etc. The original owner had a sheet of paper documenting it seeing rain 17 times from 1979 to 2010 and I drove it in the rain once, it has never seen snow and has never been parked outside overnight its entire life. Odometer is 16,xxx. Most likely is 16,000km or 116,000km

Engine bay is mint, interior is mint minus the drivers seat having a bit of torn vinyl, paint is exceptional, glass has no damage whatsoever, I was told it was resprayed with new vinyl in the mid-2000s. I drove it home 100km in 2011 and drove it to the gas station and back a couple years ago for fresh fuel, that is all. It drove awesome when I bought it but the igniter died and I put a new one in, now something is making it cut spark short so it runs rough past 2500rpm, I changed the ECU, distributor, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, igniter, etc and with any junkyard igniter I install it still cuts spark short

I'm dumping $20k 2JZ swapping my Crown and reality is I won't have time to finish my Supra for years and i've basically held onto it solely because I don't want to sell it to someone that's going to swap it and bag on it or park it outside and winter drive it. I originally wanted $10k CAD for it a few years ago but for the right buyer that will garage it/fix it proper i'll go $6k CAD obo including a huge box of dash pieces, trim parts, engine parts, etc. Car is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, clean Alberta vehicle and I had it last registered and insured in 2016.