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trdmkii said:
there was a guy at my dealership that told me never convert an r-12 to an r-134a system because it will never cool as well but if your saying that it will cool till your face freezes then i'm all for it, i can't get 134a for free but i can get it for very cheap, like 1.50 for a 12oz can
My cousin runs his own auto a/c business in Texas. He did a few 134 conversions when the shit first started but then quit doing conversions after he had to convert so many back to r-12 when the owners came back griping that it was not good enough to cool your car back down after the interior temps reach 150 degrees sitting in a hot asphalt parking lot. Several members have been using hydrocarbon blends such as HC-12a and something called "Envirosafe". I plan to try the latter on my bluepra project car when I get it back together. Most shops can't touch these simply because of liability insurance but a good friend of mine works in R&D for Lennox and confirms they've tested many of these HC blends. He says homeowners could save megabucks on energy costs if the EPA would allow them to build HC based systems.

Phil D.
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