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Adjustable Shocks & Struts

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Someone really ought to sticky this. .. Edit found the information NOT on CelicaSupra but on SupraWes' website

Front Adjustable Strut (insert) - spacers required
91-95 MR2 AGX REAR Shock KYB-765016

Rear Adjustable Shocks
TRD 48531-mz181
Koni Yellow K30-1599 Sport
Koni Red B28-1131
2000-2007 Ford Focus REAR Shock KYB-741067
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this is actually fairly well known. offers these, in a complete set, on their website. :)
guys, do a search on wes hendrick (can't recall the other guys name that helped find this). There's more to it than just buying the stuff if you don't get em through teh chimp. :)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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