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ADR - M-Sport (Hyper Silver)

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Well guys, I found some new wheels....these babies are only $199.00 per wheel. They are made by ADR Design. The M-Sport (Hyper Sliver). 4 bolt 17"

I also found a ton of wheels on this site that fit our cars bolt pattern!!

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be careful

Im 99% sure they do not offer the correct offsetand lug pattern. Please confirm with them:

a. 60.1mm centerbore
b. 4:114.3 bolt circle
c. ~10mm or less offset


You will find plenty of wheels with that lug pattern. The challenge is getting that lug in a low offset wheel, like we need. Its the combination that matters :)

86SupraMKII said:


Offset not stated.
86: the people who have been around for abit already went through what you are doing, I am one of them :)

Panasport and Compomotive are the only affordable decent wheels out there good for street use.

Braid would be the next step up, and they are really nice looking. Quality is yet to be determined...since no one is currently running them on a mk2. They will be soon though. :)
Running a spacer on a perfectly smooth course is fine. They can endure a lot of stress, but from what I gathered talking with my friends at Eibach the shock of hitting potholes, RR tracks in EXTREME situations can compromise a spacer setup. Many times the lenghtened studs are crap. I will be running spacers on my daily driver soon, with stock heavy we shall see how they hold up. The lenghtened studs I am getting are nearly indestructable :) I assume they will be just fine, since I have yet to hit a bad I really do not see my self ever catching one due to my paranoia.

SupraFiend said:
thats funny because one of the instructors at the local autox club has a 240z with a Rover V8 and wheel adapters and runs on slicks and he consitently runs fastest times of the day. Maybe your friend had crappy adapters or didn't have them torqued on right. Adapters, if made well, should be just as safe as bolting a wheel directly to the hub.
Welcome Don :p Eibach is also coming out with a line of spacers to compete with H&R. From what I gathered, they are both of equal quality.
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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