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ADR - M-Sport (Hyper Silver)

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Well guys, I found some new wheels....these babies are only $199.00 per wheel. They are made by ADR Design. The M-Sport (Hyper Sliver). 4 bolt 17"

I also found a ton of wheels on this site that fit our cars bolt pattern!!

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I know even if the center bore is different...adapters are made.


Offset not stated.

Chrome..... $250 per wheel
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I'm determined to find out.....I'll e-mail them.

At least they'd be cheaper than the Fikse wheels if they fit. :)
All very good points guys....I was just trying to find some cool rims for us for a cheap price. I guess that isn't an easy fit for our hubs. But if anyone finds something let me know. I like to hear about them (wheels).
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