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Advantages of synthetic lubes

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Here's an interesting web site with some interesting info. regarding synthetic lubes. Please note that this is "not" my Amsoil web site!

Dave A. (putting on flame suit)
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Dave, what air filters does Amsoil have that would work for the MK2?? Is there listing on the website??

I'm currently using a S&B cone filter with a 4-1/2" opening.

I just bought a new APexi dry type power filter but it has a 65mm opening not 80mm which I wanted and need an adapter anyway

FYI the best flame suit is made of Kevlar/PBI fabric :wink:
Amsoil offers a Hastings paper air filter for the MKII. I'm not sure about the TS (2-stage) oiled foam filter. I have a TS series air filter in my Corolla that I've had for about 6 years, yet there doesn't appear to be a listing for that part number. :? I'll contact Amsoil on Monday and see what I can find out about a possible TS series air filter match for the MKII.
Wow, I didn't realize how boastful Mr. Mann's web site is about Amsoil products! :shock: Still pretty good reading though!
These guys really know how to take a shotgun approach to a K&N cone filter! :snipersm:
I contacted Amsoil and unfortunately they don't make a 2-stage drop in air filter for the MKII. They only sell the Hastings paper filter. :?
FORGET amsoil

Go Mobil1. I use it in all my vehicles. Best stuff around.
LOL!!!!! Funny!!!!!

Read up on some of the testing that has been done in the past between all of the different synthetics... Guess who came on top???? Wasn't Mobil 1......

I know a couple of other Supra owners who also happen to be Engineers & they did their research. One person that I know did his comparisions between Mobil 1, Redline & Amsoil..... Let's just say he's been on Amsoil for the last year & he does oil sample analysis after some of his oil changes, or after he has switched to a different product....
Bla bla bla, I heard this, I heard that....

I'm talking about real world testing, not a lab. How the car runs and feels while using it in different conditions. How the engines last over time, wear and tear.

From our hot humid summers (maybe not as hot as you guys down south, but still hot) to our extreme cold and it does get cold on some days.

I tried different oils in my '83 engine and drivetrain back in the mid '80s in high school (how long have you owned a MKII for?) and Mobil1 always seemed to be the best no matter what temprature it was.

My cousin in England, her husband is an engineer for Jaguar and he said most of them prefer Mobil1.

The Tool and Die Makers and Millrights at work and some I know at the Cambridge Toyota plant believe the same thing.

Another cousin in England is an engineer for Rolls Royce and another here in Canada is an engineer for Chrysler (yep lots of engineers in my family), I'll ask them.

I wonder what Dean Anderson thinks of this subject? He is a chemical engineer.

It seems to be good enough for McLaren and what do they know anyway? They only build the ultimate road and race cars in the world, even if they don't build thier own engines.

By the way Toyota now offers Mobil1 at thier dealers up here. If it is good enough for them.....

Why don't you do your own research?
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so if mobil 1 is so good then why can it not go for NEARLY as long without being changed? i mean...yes...i use it in my car but thats cuz i can't get amsoil locally....if i could i would DEFINETLY use that....just my 2 cents
I would never leave any oil in the engine longer than what the manufacturers recomondation is. I change mine more than they recomend.

Any oil no matter what it is is constantly being contaminated as the engine runs. What do you think happens to all the exhaust gases? It all goes out through the exhaust.

Not only exhaust gases, but everything else that is in that engine somehow parts of it will get into the oil.

If you don't change the oil on a frequent basis you are keeping these things longer in the engine.

At my work the oil in the machines is constantly being changed. It is pumped through the machine and drained into a pan. It is not recirculated, the sumps have to be filled every few hours and these machines 24/7. Only way to keep them running and clean.

I change my oil in my vehicles often, no matter if I've driven it or not. If you don't you are just lazy and why not just fill your sump with Slick50, they claim it is the best thing out there. What ever.....
It's funny ... the only evidence anyone has brought to this thread about how good Amsoil is is from the Amsoil Company in one form or another. I'm not saying that Amsoil isn't any good. In fact I do believe that Amsoil is the best ... but are they required???

Amsoil is very criticial of Mobil1 because Mobil is thier main competetor in the high quality synthetic oil market place. YES AMSOIL IS TRYING TO MAKE MONEY BY STEALING AWAY MOBIL1 COSTOMERS!!! Even Amsoil states that Mobil1 is an extremely good synthetic oil and the fact that Amsoil has chosen to attact Mobil1 proves that the two oils are almost identicial. They are almost identicial in properties and placed against any "dead dinasaure" oil Amsiol would be 100 times better and Mobil1 would be 99 times better.

The one area that Amsoil is much better is for the extended drain interval. They obviously add more high grade additives to do this but these additives do not help the oils performance. They simply prevent corrosion, acidity, and wear for longer periods of time. If you change your oil in a reasonable interval these additives make little to no difference.

So if you want a superior synthetic oil either Mobil1 or Amsoil are great options. If you also want extended change interval, use Amsoil. If you are going to change your oil every 5 to 10 thousand miles or twice a year Mobil1 is the way to go.

Personally, I use mobil1 and am extremely happy with it's performance in ALL of the vehicials I've put it in. These include a Ninja ZX-600 motorcycle, Desiel Tractors, Lawnmowers, and now the Supra.

Do your own research and make up your own minds... :wink:
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The only thing is I do not agree with is extended oil changes as I stated before. Extend the change time and your keeping those contaminations in the engine longer no matter what addatives the oils may have. Building up more and more.

Remember "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

I change my oil every three months whether the car has run 5000 km or 500 km. It doesn't cost much because I do it myself and as I said before extended oil changes are for lazy people.
I remember way back in 1976 when I first learned about Amsoil and the 25,000 mile or one year change interval. In all honesty, I thought that was a pretty bold statement and a bunch of bull back then, and to this day I still feel the same way. No one in their right mind would leave oil in the pan for that long between changes! The most I have ever pushed Amsoil 10W-40 is 18.000 miles while changing the oil filter at regular intervals and adding a fresh quart of lube with each filter change to help replenish the additives. The real key to extended drain intervals is to install a bypass filter that will strain out the acids and other additive depleting junk.... but, you must also change the regular full flow oil filter at regular intervals and add a fresh quart of new lube with each full flow filter change to maximize the benefits of the bypass filtration system.
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