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I had tried the AFM mod, and went back to the stock AFM. I've got the intake and exhaust mods. I had some flat spots in the power band, especially off the line, and in the normal driving range just before downshift (automatic) lugging just under 2,000 RPM. I had burnt the ground electrode off of my #1 platinum plug at 30,000 mi., and each plug was progressively better until #6, that was almost perfect. #3 looked like classic detonation, but none of the others were like that. I had replaced my EGR valve, but I wasn't getting any EGR when I opened the valve to test it at idle. I took the throttle body off today, and cleaned the EGR passage that turns down into the intake plenum. That was totally blocked, and I cleaned the passage from the access plug near the firewall. Well, power is back, no flat spots, and there is a lot more power off the line. To make a long story short, the 5MGTE will not run right at all without a properly operating EGR system. That cooling effect of the EGR makes all the difference in the world on how it runs. I also found what I believe might have been a vacuum leak, a split hose at a connection, but that might have happened when I was moving the throttle body out of my way when I was cleaning the EGR passages. This solved a lot of things that I didn't like about how my car ran. I would bet that there are a lot of 5M's out there that need attention in this area. This made a huge difference. I may try my other AFM out again, now that things are running right, but it may just be a waste of gas. If I had the money right now, I would say with some fuel system modifications, this car is ready for one of Arron's mild turbo kits. At 177,000 mi., without any lower end work, I don’t think anything over 8 lb. boost would be wise. :D Kreber and I are up in Western Loudoun, not far from Fairfax.
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