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Well, this is how I see it...
On my 5mge(soon to be a 6mge, if Nippon motors ever gets another one in!!! :evil: ), I have a header, no cat(for the track) and magnaflow exhaust, so I figure that's about as free-flowing the exhaust is gonna be. I also have an intake pipe, and a larger throttle body on the way, as well as 215cc injectors, so I think the intake and fuel delivery is pretty much at maximum flow, except for that damned AFM on every Toyota I've owned! Until now, there have been very few ways to get rid of the poor flowing AFM, so this kit is a godsend for many of us. This will give me a choice of 2.5" ~ 3.5" MAF's from many vehicles, and removes the little flapper door on the Toyota AFM which is the most restrictive part of the intake system...
Anyway, that's my mind-numbing ramblings for the evening!!!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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