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AIM Database

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Ok I know most of you use AIM. Im sick and tired of haveing like tons of Screen names on my list and I dont know who they are :banghead:

I will be making a list of every ones Screen names and AIM screen names

Ill start off



A mod will come along and nuke the post after I have added it in to the list :wink: so dont ask why your post was nuked :p

Have a nice Day :suicide:
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Why do you want this? Why not just use the AIM link that is part of everyone's profile? :?

-Chris... big nitpicker
the whole point for this db is so that when someone IM's another person that the IM name (often different) can be associated with the forum name.

From that standpoint this would be quite helpful for those that get IMs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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