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alarm problem

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My alarm goes off sometimes when I just try to unlock my car or if I lock the car before shutting the door. I dunno, it's got issues. So I was just wondering if anyone could tell me where I disconnect the alarm from the electrical system. I was thinking maybe if I did this it would fix some of the other related electrical problems I have.
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Another "search" item!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Problem is the part of the key lock cylinder that is on the inside of the door. Microswitch is failing. Just needs to be reconnected properly.

I guess dropping "subtle hints" to use the search function don't seem to be working too well (which I mentioned at the top of my posting).

Since at the moment I'm slightly bored & am in a somewhat helpful mood, this is what I came up with when I used the below feature..

After going to the above listed page & typing in the words 85 alarm and did some poking around, this is what I came up with below....

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