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foonanas said:
dave, the alt is bad. now if it just the brushes i do not know. is there a definate way to tell?

Normally it will be the brushes that cause an alternator to not operate. The brushes wear and the alternator loses it's ability to generate electrical current. The symptoms of worn brushes:

Normal driving, while the engine is reved above idle, the voltage meter needle (in the stock gauge cluster) will appear to be in the "safe" or "normal" zone, about 12-14 volts. When the car idles down, say when coming to a stop, the voltage meter will drastically drop to 10 or less. The engine may stumble or even stall (depending on how good your battery is) and, if you have them turned on, the lights will dim and the radio will fade out. These are a sure sign of worn brushes.

Very easy to change a much more cost effective than replacing the entire alternator.

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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