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83 Turbo '84 Dk Blue Auto-> 5 Spd... '85 ..gradually acquiring parts to Turbo ... have 82 Engine
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My '83 5MGTE's Alt has gone... I've got some good 84 ones... but they don't have the Dbl Pulley & the Plug is different.

Right now... I'm still recovering from Hip Replacement Surgery... so can't do much of any work ... on my cars ATM.

I also am totally new to the Turbo/Intercooler set-up ... as that was already done on the car... so even if my Hip is 100 % (I've also had Torn Rotator Cuffs on both Shoulders...& only one has been repaired... Other Hip was done 3 years ago.. ) .so I'm pretty much a BIONIC MAN, LOL ... I couldn't do a straight swap... let alone an Upgrade/Mod.

I have a Mechanic who will put an Alt in for $100 ... BUT he doesn't want to deal with any of the Mods req'd for an Upgrade as in here. (Nor would I want to pay him for the Extra Time Involved )

(1) High output Alt swap for 82/83(many pics) | Toyota Celica Supra Forum

So for Plan is to get him something that's a direct swap.. & when I'm fully recovered... I can do the Upgrade myself down the road... This way at least I can drive my car....while the weather's warm.

If anyone had a (Dynamic Tested ) '83 Alt they'd want to sell... that would be ... but otherwise... since '83 Alt's are pretty hard to find... I'd like to know if there's anything else out there that is a direct swap (At this point I don't even care about increasing the Amperage)

Any help would be greatly appreciated... as my Winter Beater/Grocery getter... just died yesterday... so ATM ... I'm totally Car-less as far as cars that are licenced to be on the Road...

Hoping to get some help/Suggestions...
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