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Alternator Questions

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Hello, Right now i have a audio system in my car,2 12in 2000watts each woofers,1 800 watt amp 4 channel bridge for more power,a capacitor, and recently my system drains to much juice from my battery, at night its usually at 12 or below on the battery meter becuase i have the ligths on, i was wondering if you could change the alternator from my supra to a mkIII supra,
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Go here >> Search << this button is also located at the top of the page, 2nd button from the left side.

In the "search for keywords" box, type: alternator and you'll get over 80 results. I did it just now and found several posts asking the same question you just asked.

It's easier to show you this, rather than answer the question all over again -- hope this helps!

Repetitive questions/posts have become an issue around here:

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