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Alternator Questions

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Hello, Right now i have a audio system in my car,2 12in 2000watts each woofers,1 800 watt amp 4 channel bridge for more power,a capacitor, and recently my system drains to much juice from my battery, at night its usually at 12 or below on the battery meter becuase i have the ligths on, i was wondering if you could change the alternator from my supra to a mkIII supra,
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Canadian Tire said they had a 70amp Alternator for the MKII, but they wanted some crazy $262cdn for it, $192cdn for the regular 60amp version.

Other then doing the MK3 alternator install, anyone know of any straight up 80amp replacements for the MKII? Not that I'm gonna be running any serious stereo equipment, I just like having excess electricity.

Brake and Battery light are coming on periodically so I know it's nearing time for me to replace mine.
Power a subwoofer? =)
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