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We are fully stocked on these for any Canadians who want to take advantage of this awesome product. Peeps south of the boarder please contact Billy directly for your shifter bushings; this is only for Canadians.

Here is a blatant copy and paste of Billy's post in the group buy section.

Please read the ENTIRE first post before asking any questions, sending any payments, or even thinking about posting in this thread.

The Product

This shift bushing kit is a drop-in option for repairing the worn shift socket within the transmission (#3) WITHOUT dropping and splitting the transmission (and paying Toyota ~$100 for the part). The kit also comes with a shifter nuckle bushing (#2) and an upgraded seat bushing (#1) to finish up the set.

see below for bushing arrangement

Install instructions are HERE, post there with questions...

Payments and Ordering

The kits will be $45(cnd) shipped for people in the Canada. Billy is selling them for $35usd shipped to Americans; the exchange rate and getting the shipped to Buffalo and clearing them through customs and reshipping them is the reason for the $10 'increase'. The product is about 1-2mm too tall to go as a Canada Post envelope shipment so it's categorized as a small package.

Toronto residents pay $35; all others that require shipping must pay the $45. All Canadians MUST add 5% GST; Ontario residents MUST add 8% PST. If you want to save some bux and you're ordering anything else from me I can just throw it in another shipment to save you the $10.

Please go back to my vendor section and check the 'Raptor Racing Contact/Payment' thread for payment info.
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