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Amazing old Hyundai video.

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If you have a few minutes this is worth watching. Very cool driving..:thumbsup:
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that aint nothing special... Phil G and I do that with our Supes all the time.
OK serious... very cool video (save for the Yanni soundtrack).

Tire change was my fav
lots of neutral to drive, and reverese to drive in that video lol, its ok its just Hyundais

editor of the video: " hmm what do do with these leftover from last year hyandais "
thats friggin insane! it's my new life's goal to be able to park like that.

greg's right on the music...might i suggest a selection from metallica?
Yeah pretty cool parking and tire changing with out a jack LOL. :thumbsup: I was wondering where this post was, I thought I posted it in the General chat section. :duh: I didn't think I had that many beers the other night. LOL
like the stupid boring and very repeatitive missions on games like grand theft auto and grand turismo
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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