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American Eagle wheels (series 171) ???

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what do you think about this wheels ??? any reference for the brand, quality and most of all : how would they look in a MKII supra . . .

thanks for the comments . . .
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They're muscle car rims. The looks part of that is purely opinion, but theres no denying the weight. 20 pounds is where those things start, pretty hefty. Stock 14s are 15 to 16 pounds btw, and are considered rather heavy for their size.
how does afect the weight of wheels to the car ?

are they good or bad idea?

I'm giving up on my konig "rush" wheels 5*4.5" and the adapter for my MKII and there is someone willing to exchange wheels, he needs the 5*4.5 and i need the 4*4.5 . . . i must say the eagle's have a pretty good look on trucks and 87 trans am's, but we will see today ( I hope ) if they fit my MKII (and the fact that I dont have too many inexpensive options in wheel selection) I didn't have time to check the size and/or model# to see the diameter and offset of the eagle rims, what would be the size/offset that can fit the MKII's ?
You could get them to fit maybe but with the -5 offset they would be pushed out about 3/4 of an inch over the stock wheels. Why not buy centerlines they are cheap and they fit right.
im ok with the 3/4" b/c my supra have flares . . . the centerlines are pretty much like the eagle and prime wheels, not too expensive as I expected . . .

plus, the advantage of an exchange is that its always a good deal when you dont have a budget to buy what you really want . . . :wink:

those will be just for a while any way . . . once I get the supra painted and new interiors on it. . .
The 8 inch rims with the -18mm offset will fit ok in the rear, but you won't be able to run any wider then a 225 tire. Go with the -5 if thats a problem for you. You will be ok with a 7 inch wheel with a -5 offset in the front too, but again you will likely be limited to a 225 tire.

Heavy wheels slow your car down. The faster they spin, the heavier they get. Might knock .2 seconds off your 1/4mile, hard to say.
Won't speak to style as that is very personal and we don't have a lot of inexensive options.

Can't speak to fit any better than others already have.

I have Eagle Alloy's on my 83 Turbo Toad and I am very happy with the quality of the wheels. Mine weight considerably less than the ones you are looking at so I'm not sure it you would be happy with the weight or not.

Weight: Yes, you will notice a difference in acceleration performance with the heavier wheels. Try timing yourself from like 0 - 40mph on your stock P-Type wheels. Then put the bigger/heavier wheels on & time yourself again. You'll notice that your acceleration times will be slower & you'll even FEEL the difference!!!!

Offset: The -5mm offset, as far as looks are concerned, will probably drive you nuts. Even with the P-Type flares on, the wheels are going to stick out, esp on the front wheels, it's going to be noticeable if you look at them long enough. For our MKII P-Type's you want a wheel offset that will make the wheel/tire face FLUSH with the edge of the front flare. 3/4 of a inch is going to be pretty noticeable in the fronts. My Compomotive CXN's, which according to Compomotive is supposed to be a zero offset, but another forum member correctly measured them & they are about a -3mm offset, they do stick out a little bit in the front wheel wells, past the fender flares.

Something to think about, many of us have "been there, done that" already when we did our wheel selections.
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The wheels don't get any heavier the faster they spin. The heavier or larger the wheel the higher the mass moment of inertia is. Basically it makes the wheel harder to accelerate and deaccelerate. The bigger the diameter of the wheel or the heavier it is hurts here. You just have to find the balance between acceleration and handling you want.

I don't really see a big deal with the looks on the -5 offset with a 7" wheel. I'm running effectively -9.5 mm on an 8" wheel and they are about a perfect lineup with the outer lip in the front. They don't clear the flare when cornering hard on the front corner, but thats another problem :shock: .
Chris, I like the way your wheels/ tires looks, thats pretty much what I want for my supra (also the way they look in the MKII picture in the upper right side of this page) . . .

how can I get to that ( wheel/ tire sizes and offsets if different sizes for the fronts and the rears . . .
A -5mm 7" wide wheel should not stick out too far at all. The next question is, "why do you want to pay for wheels that are as wide as the stockers?" Likely answer: cause 15" tires are easier to find?

Suprafiend summarized the fitments well.

IMO a 20lb wheel is ok. Thats ship weight too, so it includes packaging or whatever or it may be rounded up for shipping simplicity. (confirm with the company) Its not like you are building a highly competitive race car that every ounce of unsprung weight will probably feel a small diff with the Eagles vs. the stock 14x7s.
just need to be sure, I want the tires wide as possible at the edge of the fender flare for the front and rears, i dont care about the lip, that will be ok for me . . .

i do not like the way stock wheels look b/c they are about 1" inside the flares in the front and about 2" in the rears, somehow it always have disturbed me, they would be more aceptable if my supra didn't had flares as the first supra I owned, it had 15" stocks, I think they were 8", but in this one . . . its just the flares that are asking me for wider tires/ wheels . . . theyre driving me nuts . . .

but i know you people have done it before, so . . . any size sugestion will be ok . .

BTW : I like 16" and 17" and the wider the better they look on a sport car :wink: at least my opinion.
Ok, if you go with these wheels, your stuck with 15s. All of their 16 and above sizes do not come in the proper offsets or bolt patterens. Also, a 15x8 wheel with -18 mm will not even be close to fitting on the front, so again, your stuck with the 15x7 -5mm wheel, which will fit fine, and be just a tad more then flush with the edge of the flare. Your only options are whether or not you go with the 15x8 wheel on the rear with -18mm offset or the -5 15x7 wheel. The only decent and readily available size in 15 inch appropriate for a supra is 225/50-15. Tons of selection available, but you look for anything else close to that (wider, skinnier, 55 profile etc) and theres nothing. There is one 245/50-15 tire available (Dunlop SP8000) but it would be a poor match to a 7 inch rim (rim isn't wide enough) and it will very likely rub on the rear if you mount it to a 15x8 -18mm offset rim. The -18 rim on the rear with a 225 tire will be perfectly flush with the flare and will not rub, and with the -5 15x7 wheel in the rear and a 225 tire it will look much better then stock but will still look like it could come out another 15mms or so. BTW, our bolt pateren is 4x4.5 in muscle car terminology :wink:

Mike, eagles are heavy, I have a full set of old eagle 15x7 5 spokes and they weigh 22 pounds each! Very noticable difference when they were on the supra.
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I'm running 17X8.5 +12mm front and 17X9.0 -12mm rear. None of the wheels stick out past the flares and there is no rubbing.

From the above measurements you should be able to get a better idea for fit of other wheels with different offsets.

If I'm not mistaken the back spacing in the front can be no larger than 5" and the rear is 5.5" to 6". My front is 5" the max and the rear right now is 5" also. I will eventually try larger back spacing in the rear when I put together my 18" rims. They are sitting in the garage in peices waiting to me machined and assembled. 18X8.5 and 18X9.5.

I will try a 17X9.0 0mm wheel on the front Friday morning just to see how that fits. Will the wheel stick out further than the flare? I want to see what the widest possible wheel we can fit on our cars, Ltype and Ptype.

Fill you guys in when I try it.
rsdeo said:
I'm running 17X8.5 +12mm front and 17X9.0 -12mm rear. None of the wheels stick out past the flares and there is no rubbing.
Hey Raj, what size tires are you running?
Forget these, theres way better deals for way better rims in this thread, check out my post...
Tried the 17X9 0mm offset wheel in the front this morning and the wheel stuck out 1/2" further than the flare. So that solves that.

The biggest 17" rim you can fit under the front flare is 17X8.5 +12mm period.

What about 18" and 19" rims on the front with a more + offset (that srtut does lean in)? More to come in the future when I try fitting my 18s and 19s, but right now I'm working on a more affordable fix for something everyone asks about.

Hey Raj, what size tires are you running?

235/40ZR17 on 17X8.5 +12mm for the front. (should be 225/45ZR17 for the right overall diameter, but no noticeable understeer with the 235s.)
245/40ZR17 on 17X9 -12mm for the rear.

Perfect fit.
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