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Another 7M project...almost there

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Almost there!

All that remains is figuring out a few wiring issues, making a custom downpipe and installing some of the gadgets (boost controller, etc.). Can't wait to drive it!!
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wow, looks great bob!
Looking good Bob. I sure am jealous of all you guys with turbo motors. I think my missus would go mental if a turbo block landed on the door step after all the money I have spent this year.
:drool: :bling:
damn that was quick...well mine prolly wont be done til about mid december...
Bob- all you need are some nice Recaro or Sparco seats and you will walk away with probably every trophy in Vegas '04.. except maybe the 1/4 mile thing.. Dave seems to have 1 heck of a 391rwhp Mk2.... Jay B
thats really nice. wish i had a body for my 7mgte. :-(
still looking for an 84-86 sdr p-type
Thanks guys - much appreciated. Just can't wait to drive it.

Jay: I'll be taking this car to Vegas next year, but I seriously don't contemplate winning much of anything...for these reasons:

(1) Don Culbertson and Agatha

(2) Dave Shepherd's car is awesome on the dyno and at the track

(3) John Nguyen *may* be back with his secret weapon...! He has some awesome plans for that car.

But it'll still be a hell of a lot of fun!

Pat: Why do you think I'm doing so much with the Supras lately? I haven't had to worry about anyone telling me how not to spend my money this year (unfortunately). :-(

William: Keep looking, there are still some clean MkIIs out there for sale.
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Looks like your 7mgte swap is coming along nicely! What else needs to be done before you can drive it? Don't forget engine oil and antifreeze! :p
Marvellous, simply marvellous

Looking good there Bob.

What all have you done to it. Forged pistons, ARP bolts/studs, metal head gasket, etc etc?

Is that Aaron's intake pipe?

Looking forward to seeing it!
All that's left at this point is to wire up a few things and make up a custom downpipe (Dave's a welder)....should hopefully be finished early next week....and of course, coolant. :) Engine oil is already there. I also have to hook up a few gadgets (got my boost controller yesterday, need a harness for the turbo timer).

Mods (came with them): HKS MHG with ARP bolts, rebuilt head with mild port and polish, new water pump, custom intake pipe (stock one modified to eliminate narrow spots), Greddy oil filter relocator/oil cooler, custom-made intercooler, HKS SS BOV, Fluidyne radiator. The bottom end is stock. A/C system should also work (fingers crossed). I've bought a custom elbow with better flow, and a high-flow cat.

The short shifter arrived last weekend - it'll be going in soon, also.

Drooling...can't wait to drive it!

-- Bob --
Gorgeous Bob!!

Say, do those AEM cam gears feel any lighter than the stock ones?
Wade: Not sure, they were on the motor when I bought it (forgot to list them and the 550cc injectors in my last message)....they probably are about the same - there's more metal than the stockers but they're aluminum instead of cast iron....likely a toss-up.

-- Bob --
Looks VERY NICE Bob,congrats.
BOB forgot to mention at about 1:45pm 11\15\03 his 7mgte started for the first time in its new home. Bobs beest is alive and waiting to be run. :p
It's up and running!!!

Everything they've said is true...once you have boost, you don't want to go back!

Even at stock boost, this thing has got plenty of's a hell of a lot of fun to drive. I still have a few things to do (install boost gauge, program boost controller, plus a few other upgrades I have planned) :p .

Thanks to John Nguyen for an excellent job building up the motor, and to Dave Shepherd for doing a really professional job dropping it in.

Anyone in SoCal looking to do this swap should talk to Dave about doing it....!
Excellent job Bob & Dave.

Can't wait till you get this motor tuned to it's full potential!!!

For those of you who were there in Vegas & saw me running John's car on the dyno, his car did very well (he had 2nd highest HP, 7M-GTE, MKII, behind Dave (onedic)). This motor did 323.8 HP at the wheels, & 402.8 torque. Unless Mr. Culbertson finally get's Agatha running right (he only did 271 in 2002), you & Dave are going to be the ones to beat!!!
you think so huh chris? im gonna try to purchase a mkii monday. it needs some work but hey, at least i can put the 7mgte in it.
I think the great NW has a few surprises in store for the MKII community :D Top Secret mods are being hashed out on at least 3 cars that I know of :wink: Though not sure if 04 will be the year they appear in Vegas.

Bob,ot's great to here you have boost.Congrats to you and all who have helped you get there. 8)

Bobs 7m will be a contender next year --- Johns torq # are a bit off do to boost spike (spike to 1.2x bar and fell to .8 bar thats about 20 psi to 13 psi or so.) but Bob will be making more power this coming year and if money comes threw i will be making more power too.
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