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Another "How the f**k does this happen"

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Not a Supra, but still a Toyota. Any ideas for how the hell this woman (musta been, 8) :joke: ) did this? I have run many ideas thru my head but can't figure how it happened. hell.jpg
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stupid rear suspension can't articulate worth crap

Oh yeah, ehehe :) Nice one.
wouldn't you fucking realize that your car was off the ground to begin with or something wasn't right when you felt the suv going off the ground lol. well anyway it must have been a women on a cell fone lol. no offense to you women on the forum. good thing this person wasn't driving a supra lol. but still it's a toyota. toyota all the way. but yeah how the hell do you manage that lol i don't think i could do that if i even tried lol. she must have just seen that new jeep commercial where they park on that rock lol and she thought she could imitate it lol.

You know, working at a gas station for 9 months I saw some wicked stupid stuff myself. Too bad I don't have pics, but I saw one of those short school busses do something similar, driving up on one of those end bars. There are some really stupid people in this world...
unless the person was trying to showoff with their SUV, and forgot how much they are highway only geared.
i agree, having worked in a gas station, im beginning to belive ive seen everything...

guy comes out of the car wash and decides to spin the tires to show off for some girls.
procedes to loose the steering, launch the car into the side of a parked truck, then careene off at some funky angle and hit a wooden telephone pole.

the girls laugh and walk away after they see he isnt hurt.
You would be amazed at what celphones can do to people! :lol: Now I would like to see whoever get down from that!
Yep, stupid people and gas stations are a bad combination. Looks like the owner backed into that thing.

I walked by the esso on the corner near my place once and the whole area was taped off. There were fire trucks everywhere and the whole lot was flooded with that fire retardent foam. Some lady had somehow managed to park her car on top of one of the gas pumps! Couldn't figure out how she managed that one as she was facing the wrong direciton for that pump. She would have had to enter the station by going the wrong way on a really busy road (kingsway for the locals) to land the car at that angle, crazy!
im surprised no one has mentioned this, i dont even work at a gas station and have witnesed it in person nearly a dozen times. last one i saw was a brand new ford f350 quadcab. guy filled the tank up and never bothered to remove the nozzle from his tank. needles to say he ended up with the nozzle and about 10ft of fuel line dragging right along with him. some people just dont deserve to have a drivers license, much less a car. oh, and the 7-eleven around the corner, its not even a gas station anymore, hasnt been since i was ~5 but this is funny. i was at the dominos next door talking to my friend, and this 17y/o kid drove his dads brand new camaro ss into the front of the store. the kids dad let him use it to go on a date, thing is the kid and his date were so drunk niether could walk, ,they just got out of the car and fell to the ground. it was about a 10mph impact. hit the gas instead of the brake. needless to say his dad wasnt pleased when he got the call from the cops. lol i thought he was gonna kill his son.
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Two things come to my mind when I see this - Cell phone & soccer mom :x

I use to work at an Arco gas station and I got to see about a dozen cars drive off with the nozzel still attached to the car :roll:
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