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another look at anti war protestors...hahaha

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Kinda scary if ya ask me. :silly:

Watch both the NYC and San Fran one.
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I read web sites from 4 countries, and its all pretty much the same stuff. I think the media is both Saddam and Dubya's best weapon.
Apologies from the North

A few nights back, on the Daily Show (with Jon Stewart) they featured some speeches from the Aussie parliament, The UK PM, and our own ultimate fence-sitter Jean Chretien. I wish to apologize for the behaviour of our PM, who only takes a firm stand for the gratification of his ego. Our PM has so gutted our military that we HAD TO BORROW UNIFORMS for the war in Afghanistan. I know that Canada, along with Europe, only enjoys freedom BECAUSE of the US.

I do not expect absolute truth from the US government; I am automatically suspicious of the motives for any governments action. I also paid attention in my history and politics class, and I KNOW that the US is doing the RIGHT thing. This should have been done the last time around, and I think this is what the true motivation for current action. The US helped create Saddam, and now the US must remove him.

I hope the war is short, and I hope that the Iraqis can find a leader or government who knows more than torture and firing squads. I hope the US will no longer support "Strong leaders" based solely on their opposition to communism. I hope the US will review its support of various nations around the world based on their treatment of people rather than economic convenience......I think this is turning into a backhanded endorsement...

Still, it is a far better thing that the US won the cold war; we can complain about it and NOT end up in the gulag, or "disappeared". This is the BIG thing that I think so many of the dim-witted protestors forget. No Iraqi has that privilege.

I am rambling, and playing with matches here, so will don my asbestos suit, and run for cover now.

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dohc82 said:
Its easy to take a bunch of video and then edit it to make people look bad...what about the people who answered his questions well? We dont see them. His last line is the best...just because people disagree doesnt make them evil.
Bring the boys and girls back home!
If you would actually read his site that guy answers your question directly.
As a Vietnam veteran, I have reason to hate war more than most, and that comes directly from experience. I think our President did a poor job of qualifying the reasons for this war, that doesn't make him the bad guy, but I also think it is absolutely the right thing to do, and long past due at that. There is no place in this world for governments like Saddam's, and whatever the cost in lives and suffering on both sides, it will be much less, in his Country alone, than if he is left in power. What everyone should be protesting are the motives of the French. $$$$$$$BANKING$$$$$$$$$!!!!! World opinion might be vastly different if it weren't for their greedy motives.
What cracks me up is the "12 galaxies" guy on the San Fran vid. I used to see him all the time when I worked in Frisco. He would walk all over Financial district with his sign that read "12 galaxies unite..blah blah (cant remember)...Impeach Clinton!". After Bush got elected it changed to Impeach Bush. He walks around every day with the same oversized el cheapo suit. Real weird guy. Almost every time the local news does coverage of something in Frisco, he ends up in the background holding his sign up. This was the first time I'd heard him talk..and yes its confirmed...One weird dude. One of these days I want to stop and talk to him to see what the 12 galaxies are and exactly which planet he came from :shock:

GreyFalcon said:
As a Vietnam veteran...
Grey... Make that two drinks I am buying... One for your son, and one for you. Name the time and place friend :)
French being greedy? They are simply doing what is best FOR THEIR COUNTRY, and you would do the same in their position.

I am sure that is the reason why George W essentially started all this. He sees it as in the best interests for the USA. I'm quite sure he's not doing it purely because Saddam is "evil" or whatever. Apart from the chem weapons, which seem to have been found, I haven't seen a real reason for the war. Let Saddam die from old age or whatever. George W is just playing into the hands of all extremists who see it as a war against Islam, ignorant of the fact that it has nothing to do with it.

This is going to be my last post about the subject. But I had to say something because of all the flaming that goes on everywhere. Just because somone is against the war, and makes their opinion known, doesn't make them a "moron". At least they have the balls to stand up and say to everyone "I'm against this war".
ma61_turbo, follow the money, and you may change your mind about France. I'm quite sure they are doing what's best for France, but no I would not have done what they did, I have to live with myself.
I have done my homework,to the best of what is available to "joe blow".My "No Iraq War ' signs are now in the trash,never put up.I won't get into a flame war with anyone,lets just say I hope the coalition kicks ass-and FUCK THE FRENCH :mad: :snipersm:
I have a nephew on the Duluth (sp),a neighbor on the Lincoln "local boat" and possibly one of my best friends from high school in that transportation group with the POW's,can't find him,so I'm not sure.

I'll buy a round for any service member I meet for quite awhile now.Thanks guys :)
I hear ya.

:2gunfire: French :2gunfire: Syria :snipersm: Iraq :snipersm: Iran :2gunfire: North Korea, etc...
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