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Another one bites the dust

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Was driving home from L.A. tonight, ran into a big traffic jam on the 405 Fwy at the 118. FInally got to the front of the mess and found glass and parts scattered all over a couple of lanes, and an SDR MkII off to the side of the freeway with most of its right rear quarter missing. Definitely a sad sight, as the rest of the car looked to be pretty clean.

They're getting scarcer by the day.

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Damn...I really hate seeing stuff like that. Especially when it's a Mk2. How sad.
:cry: With the Supra no longer in production, each loss is felt more and more. Especially nice, clean older models.
Every time I see a broke down or wrecked supra I leave a note on the windshield hoping to get it before the insurance co sends it to auction. Sad to see when they get banged cause insurance generally won't pay to fix at this point. You shoulda followed the tow truck with that one.

Phil D.
:cry: Sad to see another one go like that :(
every time i see the crashpra sitting behind my garage im sorry to see it in such bad shape, it was a beautiful condition 82 auto Ptype... then it got Tboned by a buick...

the previous owner walked away from it though, so i know these cars are tough, as ive seen several accident victims, and they all came through great.

im on a personal crusade to see how many supras i can buy for under 2000 dollars... lol, im up to 2, and 1 pending, total cost will be almost 800 bucks.
:eek: your gonna try getting supras for less than $2000? haha its easy i've had about 6 of them and got them all for less $1000. the once for $1000 was the most expensive and the other ones were all for less than $500. you just gotta know where to look :wink:
well, im actually trying to find out how many supras i can get for under 2000 bucks total cost :D

yes, im greedy and im hit hard with MSS :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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