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Another wiring question

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I have been looking for a 83 wiring harness and was wondering if it is different from the 83 cresseda i bet it is but i found one at a junk yard and was wondering if yall knew
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I would bet it is too - the front harness would be significantly different (headlights and such) and thats where all the main wiring would run through. I used an 83 supra wiring harness in my 82 supra and ended up doing a lot of splicing and tracing, even though they were pretty close. Why do you need a harness anyway?
well ive recently put together an engine with an 82 block, 83 intake, and 85 head it will turn over but it wont start, we think that only one injector is cycling (#4) so after we changed the injectors around and even put in other injectors #4 is the only one cycling! So i figured it was either the harness our the ECU, could it be the injector clips (most are old and cracked) or something else? Ugh this is making me MAD :mad: I bet its my frankensteined intake....

Check to make sure that you re-connected the injector ground wires when you put it all back together. It is a cluster of wires with a round eye connector that is held on by the centermost of the lower bolts that holds on the intake plenum to the intake runners. If you missed connecting this, some of your injectors may not fire.

I hope it's something that simple!
Is that the two ground wires coming off the injector wiring harness?
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