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Re: good drivin!!!!!

shoboogie said:
I would like to see us set up a bay ara meet (mini meet). we could go for a nice long ride thru the mountains that surround lake berryessa (outside of napa in the north/northeast bay just above vallejo). the roads are quite windy perfect for breaking in a mk2. lemme know what you guys think and if enough responses ill start setting it up.
If I am in the bay when you guys go, then I am down for sure!

How about this though. We meet up in Los Gatos/Saratoga and drive up Hwy 9 to the Summit. Grab some hotdogs from the stand and then continue our drive into Santa Cruz. We can get some pics of our cars by the beach and take Hwy 17 or Summit Road back. Lots of twisties and banked turns :twisted:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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