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any rabidchimp turbo kit dynos?

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Hi everyone. I'm new here (newbie yeah i know), been reading up on a lot of the posts here, learned a lot of good info. I've tried doing searches for more info on the rabidchimp turbo kit, and havent been able to find anything relevant that I'm looking for besides 'they're good'. So if this is a repeat question please forgive me *begs on knees*. does anyone have any 'real life' numbers of performance of the kit? dynos, track times, anything. especially good would be someone who had done dynos after doing the kit and not adding any other mods yet.

thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out!
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if you want to know jus ask mark who id say has the full complete rabidchimp kit and at 11psi i think he has about 270rwhp. expect any where from id say 215rwhp to about 220rwhp from the stock 7psi. pm the famous Aaron Garney and you will find out exactly.

Welcome to the boards...

Im running 317 at the crank and 271 at the wheels at 11psi. But dont expect to get that high safely without at fresh engine and all the supporting mods. You can check out my website for specifics.

I dont have his complete kit but I got the major components from him (still waiting on a revised upper IC pipe though).

If you have the $$ I'd go with his kit. If not you may want to hold off and save up. Make sure you budget for a dyno session.

Sorry I cant tell you what his complete kit with no other mods would get you. But the components of the kit are good for at least 317bhp (with MHG). I could go a little higher if I had went with larger injectors than the 295's.

Edit: I ran 212whp before I turned up the boost (249 at the crank). That was at about 6.5psi. That is about what you can expect (give or take a few).
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what does 212 rwhp feel like.
It is a big step up from stock. Really wakes the car up. You wont ever want to drive something slower again. But isnt that always the case?

thanks for the info guys.
looks like ill be savin my pennies :)

slightly off topic, but i had read on one of the posts on the forums (couldnt find it in a search though) about different headers for n/a and turbo? is this true? if so which headers should i get for a turbo (ive seen pacesetter and thorley headers mentioned before, but going to their sites there is only a 'supra' listing, no distinction between turbo and n/a). of course if im just blowing smoke and this is all false, please let me know too :) thanks
Headers are pretty much strictly for the N/A's. There are other Turbo Exhaust Manifolds out there..but they seem to be few and far between... and not very cost effieicent for the could of extra HP and the 100 RPM's of quicker spool up you seem to get. Better off spending that money on a nice 3" ported elbow and downpipe.
thanks :)
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