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anyone a member of NASA

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after i get my engine built and back in my poor car, iwas thinking about joining NASA, i know they meet at sears point, or whatever it is now, and was wondering if anyone else is a member. i was thinking about other road racing schools, but it seems NASA has the best prices with the only pay when you drive. lemmie know, see ya
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I've never thought about taking my Supra into Space...but, I guess with enough thrust and an oxygen tank I could do it.

Re-entry would be a bitch though. :whistle:
I'd like to launch my Talon into space. Maybe I better tint the windows first- I hear the sun can blind...
I'd rather go into space :banghead:
I'm a member of NASA, it's a very nice organization and the cost of racing isn't to extreme. They also provide you with instructors if you are a beginner and make sure that you don't go out on the track with no idea what you're doing. I would definitely join if I were you.
I'm thinking about joining when I get the ae86 project done. I think they race at thunder hill also.

They do race at Thunderhill and just about every other major race track in california. I've been to one and as soon as my engine is in I'll be doing more events as time and money allow.
I too am a member of Nasa Pro Racing! In fact, I was out there with Darin (rwdcelicadude) a few months ago! It is incredibly fun, pretty safe (as safe as you're gonna get w/wheel to wheel racing), and very informative.
The price is great! $30 to become a member and $135 per day for the driver's ed course! The folks who run it are really on top of things, so you'll have no problem taking your car out there and having some real fun!!!
Be careful though, cuz its really addicting! You'll find yourself daydreaming about the next session!!! Damn, I can't wait to get back out to Willow Springs!
Check out their forum for all your questions, it's at:

Good Luck!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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