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anyone intersted in a fibreglass p type bumper?

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I am currently looking at getting some p type fibreglass bumpers made up.
Cost would be $740 NZ dollars (includes gst)

I need at least 5 people to get them at this price

postage would be on top of this price

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if only it werent in austrailia :)

best of luck with this GP, im hoping you can pull it off
I'd really hate to be the ignorant one here...but what are we refering to:

Are we talking about the actual bumber or the bumper cover. If it's the bumper cover...isn't that already made of fibreglass. Just trying to understand the need for one if it's already made of fibreglass, is it because it's hard to find replacements in good shape, or are you planning any improvements. Sorry for the long drawn out questions...I'm sitting here bored at work and figured I'd ask :D
the story is i have an 82 ma61 and need a new bumper.
I dont want to spend the money on a boring ole 82 bumper.
SO i want a p type.
I didnt realise they were already made of fibreglass, as the 82 is a rubber cover.
Its just an idea at this stage, but if i get enough interest i will go ahead with it.

Not looking at anything different, but will probably put a front lip on the one i get made up for myself.

But if there is interest in that i can find otu the extra cost and let you know



(btw, i dont live in australia, i live in new zealand :p )
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they are not fiber glass, they're poly urethane. Nice and flexilble, unlike fiber glass that cracks on impact. If your going to get some made then don't make them 100 percent stock, getting stock mk2 bumpers isn't that hard, shouldn't be in Austrailia even. Do something different with them like extend the lip or change the style if your going to the bother of getting some fiberglass ones made.
dogstar said:
if only it werent in austrailia :)
What part of the US are you from? A fellow from NZ could get a little upset about that 8)
i have been talking to another guy who says he will be able to provide better build quality and cheaper, as he is more cost efficent than other people.
He has a good reputation as well.
If you guys are interested i can see if he can add an extended lip etc
what have you got in mind?

lol, my apologies.... posting while half asleep isnt the best idea.

new zealand has more masturbation jokes than austrailia... how could i fail to tell them apart ;)
hey hey. none of that thank you.
dont make me bring out some canada jokes. :lol:
I'm a bit confused...

L-type and P-type bumper covers are the same, aren't they?

82-83 front bumper covers are a bit different than 84-86 due to the bottom lip being brought forward a bit further in the later years.
As a result, the front fender flares on P-types are different on the 82-83 versus the 84-86 to match up to the different shape of the front lip.

Also, you should be aware that a fibreglass front bumper cover will crack very easily if it ever gets hit in parking lots. :( Polyurethane ones will stand up to a harder hit before they show any signs of damage.
I have decided against the p type bumper and i'm looking at getting a custom bumper made up.
Will be one of a kind.
Will keep you posted to how it turns out tho. But its going to make the car look even more agressive than it alreayd is.
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