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Anyoner from Calgary, Alberta????

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I am looking for a guru of the 5mge motor that I can persude to come to my place and take a look at my sura, I have a post in the engine section about my 5mge not staiyng running.

I have a wealth of beer and smirnoff ice in my fridge........
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well, there are a few people in calgary...
dohc82 - hes got a virus issue... not sure when he will be back online
40 below - think hes workin outa town, not sure how often hes on here
chazz - fairly regular

and a couple others whom i cant remember names for.

theres also a fair community in edmonton...

its too bad i didnt know you were a calgary person, i coulda stopped by to take a look at it when i was down from edmonton this week.
im no engine expert, but sometimes another set of hands and eyes helps :)

gimme a pm sometime, maybe we can chat
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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