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Are all Ford owners this way?

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I'm leaving work, at Wal-Mart, casually cruising the local strip in my mean green monster, *someone needs to think of a good name for it lol*, anywho, I'm getting back onto the 2-lane highway and this mustang comes flying up beside me, and the light before us turns red. So he's revving up his motor, rolling down his window *which I think was manual, or had a bad switch cuz he was leaning over the passenger seat (Thank goodness for power everything)* but he yells over at me and I turn down my radio, revs up again and I laugh at him. The guy yells over, "I'll race ya buddy, or are ya scared?" So I think to myself, Who does this guy think he is? I'm just cruising along minding my own business and here he comes to annoy me. The 1st light turns green, and he takes off like I was already doing 55 mph. So at the next light we got stopped at he yelled something like, "Where were ya at on that one?" So when I saw the light was ready to turn green and he was getting ready for a run down Indiana Raceway Park, I nailed it as soon as the light turned green. I'm sure it was a great show for whoever was behind us. He was spinning tires and I was already hitting 2nd (almost 30 mph) and barking when I shifted too. So I got going about 75 and I started slowing down. He pulls up beside me, and flips me off? What was THAT all about? I cant help it if he wants to race me, loses, and can't even be a good sport! Next time I'll tell him to race a REAL Stang, like my bros 12 second car and see how things go. It's no wonder the guy didn't wanna admit that the car was his. Fords............ :puke: (these things are awesome!)
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SupraRacer007 said:
Racefiend said:
Eeewww...why ruin that with a Chevy engine?! :wink:


Believe me, when Lingenfelter finished with the engine...there honestly isn't much that is Chevy about it anymore.

He did it for reliability reasons too. He did NOT want a Ford power plant in the car...just because the original had one.


hehe, i dislike fords enough im very tempted to drop a chevy 350 into my ranger, instead of a 302...

all ive got to say about the replica vs. original debate... replicas cost 100000ish for a very nice one... originals cost (last time i saw a price) 250000 and up, way way up.

point isnt whether its original or a replica at that stage, its whether or not youve got one... and when you do, and when you can back the image of power up, then it aint even about how you stand beside your car..... i mean what you drive, its about how you drive it. ;)
and if someones challenging you to a race for $50... they dont know how to handle, nor do they deserve a car of that caliber
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