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Are all Ford owners this way?

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I'm leaving work, at Wal-Mart, casually cruising the local strip in my mean green monster, *someone needs to think of a good name for it lol*, anywho, I'm getting back onto the 2-lane highway and this mustang comes flying up beside me, and the light before us turns red. So he's revving up his motor, rolling down his window *which I think was manual, or had a bad switch cuz he was leaning over the passenger seat (Thank goodness for power everything)* but he yells over at me and I turn down my radio, revs up again and I laugh at him. The guy yells over, "I'll race ya buddy, or are ya scared?" So I think to myself, Who does this guy think he is? I'm just cruising along minding my own business and here he comes to annoy me. The 1st light turns green, and he takes off like I was already doing 55 mph. So at the next light we got stopped at he yelled something like, "Where were ya at on that one?" So when I saw the light was ready to turn green and he was getting ready for a run down Indiana Raceway Park, I nailed it as soon as the light turned green. I'm sure it was a great show for whoever was behind us. He was spinning tires and I was already hitting 2nd (almost 30 mph) and barking when I shifted too. So I got going about 75 and I started slowing down. He pulls up beside me, and flips me off? What was THAT all about? I cant help it if he wants to race me, loses, and can't even be a good sport! Next time I'll tell him to race a REAL Stang, like my bros 12 second car and see how things go. It's no wonder the guy didn't wanna admit that the car was his. Fords............ :puke: (these things are awesome!)
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supra83mkii said:
yeah most people with expensive ass cars have that attitude, just drive next to porches or any other expensive car and most of the time they just look at your car and have a grin on their faces or say some stupid shit like what you mentioned above in your reply, but as long as your car can still give them a little comp your alright and even better if you can smoke them, and plus thats only a replica i would of laughed in his face and would of told him can't afford a real shelby cobra hahaha then whats the point of having a replica, it aint the real deal
Do you know how much the REAL DEAL costs?

The "replicar" below is owned by a personal friend of mine. If anything, this particular car is superior to the original Shelby Cobra from an engineering, technology and performance standpoint. We're taking it to Laguna Seca this thurs for an open track session with some other VSE Cobra owners:

480 RWHP Lingenfelter 383 V8 with Vette 6 speed transmission. Trust me when I tell you this -- you wouldn't be laughing if this car lined up against you.

A bunch more photos here:
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Racefiend said:
Eeewww...why ruin that with a Chevy engine?! :wink:


Believe me, when Lingenfelter finished with the engine...there honestly isn't much that is Chevy about it anymore.

He did it for reliability reasons too. He did NOT want a Ford power plant in the car...just because the original had one.
tubinator said:
All i got to say is what a beautiful car, but, is he a jerk like most of the muscle car guys?? what year is that corvette engine?? is it a LT5?? LS6?

Just some questions a neighbor should know? 8)
The owner is a good friend and a very nice guy. The car was built by VSE in Monterey, CA - a business owned by Herb and Matt Adams. Herb Adams was the chief designer of the original Trans Am - he's been with General Motors for a number of years, and decided to establish a side business building race cars. The Cobra is one of a few different cars he and his son have designed.

It's a Corvette LT-1 (project began back in 1996) - he bought the engine from GM Goodwrench and had it shipped to Lingenfelter, where they increased the displacement from 350 ci to 383 ci. Here's what they did with the engine:

• Engine removal, inspection and disassembly
• Custom forged aluminum pistons - 10.8:1
• Custom forged steel crankshaft - 3.750" stroke
• Billet steel connecting rods - 5.850" length
• File fit plasma moly piston rings
• Computer balanced rotating assembly
• CNC porting & polishing of cylinder heads
• Ported and polished intake manifold
• LPE valve springs and lightweight valve spring retainers
• Stainless steel intake/exhaust valves
• Three angle valve job, set correct spring tensions & heights
• Custom designed LPE hydraulic roller camshaft
• Competition Cams stainless steel full roller rocker arms 1.6:1 ratio
• 58 mm billet aluminum throttle body
• K&N Air filter and cleaning kit
• Chassis dyno testing after installation

It's a nice car...and it's a blast to ride in...the trip to Laguna Seca should be interesting.
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supra83mkii said:
hey supraracer007 let say i had a 100000 dollar budget to fix my car, i would definetly prefer my car over that replica cobra, and then you could put me and him on the line to see who would win lol, i think with a 100000 dollar budget i would put that cobra to shame, think of all the upgrades and all the things you could do to a MKII with that kinda money,
Ok...while we're dreaming...

Let's take the Cobra project back to ground zero (a pile of square tubing) and dump $100,000 into it....and then line up what VSE built, vs. your $100,000 MkII Supra.

I'm sure you would "prefer" the Supra...however, that's why we ALL don't drive white cars. Would be boring as hell, wouldn't it?

Get my point? Me thinks you just like to argue.
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