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Auto to stick conversion problem NEED HELP!

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I put the drivetrain out of a 84 p tpye in my 85 l type. I changed it over to a 5 speed, now I have the car running my OD light keeps flashing, I replaced my auto comuter with the manual one but still getting the flashing. is there any difference in the wiring between a 85 and a 84. Please help!
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You really shouldn't have to change the ECU. I'm suprised the 85 works with the older type electronics. I'd suggest using the original 84 ECU. It will work and should keep the light off.
That's what I'm using, the 84 manual ECU. and the OD light keeps flashing
I'm willing to bet that the Auto tranny ECU (not the engine ECU) is trying to look for a signal, thus the reason it's blinking. Normally when it is blinking (if you had the Auto still in it), it would normally be storing some sort of diagnostic trouble code. Remove the Auto tranny ECU.

Re: the PM you sent me.....

Check here.

Remember, WE DO have access to a online MKII TSRM. Even though it's for a 86, there are some cases where certain things will apply here.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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