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Automatic transmission, first time

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Hi! just got my first supra (finally) with automatic transmission....but what the heck do all the diffrent signs and gadgets do??
In my eager to drive away in my supra I totally forgot to ask at the purchase :-D

D and R i figured out all by myself *S*
But what the difference between N and P ??
And what does L and 2 mean ??
And whats with the "norm" / "pwr" button on the centre console??

Well, thx in advance
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N = Neutral. Not in any gear at all. Car will roll on a slope.
P = Park. Not in gear, but the parking pawl is engaged, keeping the vehicle from rolling.
L= Low gear. On a 3-speed w/ over drive, this is equal to 1st gear. Forces the transmission to stay in 1st gear and not shift up.
2 = 2nd gear. Tranny will shift up to 2nd gear and no higher.

Norm/Pwr changes the shift points of the transmission. Look here:

Norm is smoother earlier shifts, and PWR is later, harsher shifts.

D and R i figured out all by myself *S*
But what the difference between N and P ??
And what does L and 2 mean ??
And whats with the "norm" / "pwr" button on the centre console??
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pwr mode is also supposed to enrichen the fuel mixture a bit for better performance.(more agressive fuel map) i'm pretty sure that's right but i'm not completely positive.
So why would I want to use 'N' ? Is it necessary to switch it into N at red lights for instance? to spare the breaks maybe?
What is N good for?

If you have to push the car with the engine off or tow it, N is the right gear. Although, really, if you need to tow the car any distance, you should disconnect the driveshaft.
If you have the car jacked up and on stands and want to turn the rear wheels freely, you need to have it in N.
if your stopped at a light no matter how hard or much you hold the brake if there isn't any movement of the car there will be no wear and tear. now if you wanna pretend you have standard you can put it in neutral at the lights and revv to like 2.5K when your going into drive.
Or even If you wish to work on the engine but need it runing slip it in neutral, Like when checking the transmision level lube, or if the mechanic needs to time it, but need the engine running.....ect

Auto are fun easy to drive an good to cruise the downtown core.
Like here in Vancouver we have a street where everyone drives slowly to show off there ride bumper to bumper and automatic works well without shifting in and out of 1st 2nd clutch in clutch out....
na, you dont wanna rev it up and throw it into drive. That loosens the whole transmission and soon your car will feel like a piece of sh*t. I made that mistake many times with my camry reved it up and threw it into gear. Only to find out 3 months later that my car had wicked bad acceleration due to a bad torque converter. It places all that power on the torque converter and its the first thing to go in these transmission. They are a bit pricey too.
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