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Informational only: In SCCA autox Street Prepared and STS classes, front strut tower braces are limited to 2 pt attachment. Thus to strut towers only. I'd love a 4 or 5 pt attachment, that includes firewall, but not by letter of the rules. Maybe your club will slide on this.

For tires on stock rims, hard to beat Kumhos for value/performance. Yes, the Hoosiers are the best, I run them at all the Nat. Events, but I run Kumhos at home events. Try the Ectas V700. Newest compound should say 6A on the sidewall.

Also, roll center adjusters prohibited in SCCA Street Prep, STS classes. All is legal in Street Mod I believe. Lots of local clubs don't sweat these things, but some do, and big events its amazing what competitors look at.

Don L.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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