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Damn its been fun while I was not on the forums. The best part? About 2 months on my 7M Rebuild with no major issues!

Since this is the Racing Chat section, lets get down to those times...

My PB: 13.733 @ 105.17
60' 2.064

I was getting some wheel hop at first with some older worn Yoko A-509's(that I got for $20 on really nice rims). Once I aired them down to about 20psi, and started heating them up a bit, it cured most of the hop.

The runs have been done after the sun goes down, with low air temperatures.
Stock 7M-GTE non-Intercooled. Chimpy 3" DP, Raptor Racing Full 3" Stainless System with Cat. I got a 13.80 and then the 13.733 by taking the Muffler off and just running straight(Not sure if it really made any change, boost seemed to be up a pound or two). Suspension is Stock height Dobisons and Blue HPs.

Next changes are to fix up the wiring(still on the ghetto side a bit), and get the Clutch and Brake systems to not completely suck. Then in the spring an IC and better rad.

I must say though that this 'fast car' thing is bad though. The sense of "fast" wears of pretty quick. And I hadn't really raced anyone on the street, so I was surprised with what I beat at the track. In fact my buddy happened to talk to a 12 second C5 owner and he was asked if he came with the Supra. Then said that it was so cool that it was beating all the new Supercharged Mustangs! I think there was even a Roush one I beat on my best run!

Any tips? Will have some videos up tonight.
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