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Already been back a week. Work and weather are trying
to burst my travel bubble. :)

Oz was great. For those who like to travel, Oz is on the must visit list.

November is late spring/early summer. The weather was great for touring.
Kind of crap for residents, as this is the 5th+ year of a near nation-wide drought. :(

Major Highlights:

For the MK2 geeks, 3 sighted MK2's, one pristine red one in Sydney CBD.
Met with David Champs in Adelaide.

Uluru (Ayer's Rock) - most impressive to see in person.

Sydney - it is the most beautiful harbor city in the world.

Steaks - damn, they have good beef there! Plus an assortment of seafood
that you can't get anywhere else (unless it was frozen).

Any amazingly clean country. On par with Germany (though no AutoBahn).

The Great Ocean Road - this ruled. Even with my crappy Mitsu Lancer,
it was a blast to drive and see (incredibly scenic). A convertible would
make this drive euphoric.

The people. Met some great folks in Oz.

I visited many other places: Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide/Barossa
Valley, Noosa Valley, Port Douglas, Blue Mountains. All equally memorable.

And nearly 600 digital pictures. Yikes!

Now back to reality and some damn cold weather (it's 18 F outside!)

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welcome back, glad you enjoyed the trip :)

was starting to wonder where youd gotten to... then i remembered you were on vacation.
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