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Greetings SupraDad/SupraDerek and all forum members,

Brian and Charlotte here, attending and being part of the last Supra Rally 4/2009 was one the best days ever, despite being pulled over ticketed by CHP for no seatbelt and crashed/ backed into... was awesome experience i look forward to again....

After that rally, i was able to tap out the fender damage by hand so my door would open, but my transmission went out, i developed a nasty main seal leak, timing issues and being laid off, forced me to sell my dream car...

It was a long time before i found work, or another car...
Happy to say, my wife and I both very fortunate to find and working stable full-time jobs.... and we just bought/drove home a strong running Black '85 Supra MANUAL TRANSMISSION!!!

The one i had to part with was an automatic.. I always wanted the stick shift.... Our new black '85 came with super straight body, new heads 8/2009, new elec fuel pump 9/2009 and 5 supra rims......Compression and power is off the charts! Suspension/brakes/alignment all perfect..

Dream lost.... Came true better than ever hoped!
It's like i'm a new member here all over again.

Any new people, this is the best forum, best people and support base ever.

Looking forward to rejoining the streets with my Sacramento, CA and SF east bay and south bay friends!!!
Supra for life!
Brian and Charlotte

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