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Back to the old school

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Well, it just might happen! Good ole Pina might be back in the MK2 saddle. I found a deal on an 84 "midnight blue" with a rebuilt engine locally. It's an Auto with 180k, so hopefully it will hold.

I'll be giving up the All Trac for it, but it will be a nice change.

Wish me luck this weekend....

My plans would most likely be:

HKS SMF (legality)
Stock 7M Turbo setup
Stock 7M IC
Most likely a 2.5" exhaust setup to keep noise down
Upgraded Coil
Stock injectors
Rising Rate FPR
Supra TT Fuel Pump
3 Wire o2 Sensor

I was real impressed with the Rabid Chimp DP fit and quality, although I might try and do something myself.
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Congrats Robert. I have always wanted to try a boosted auto mk2. I would think it would be quicker than the 5 speed, especially with the right gearing.
Yes, a turbo really wakes up the sleepy auto. And smoooooth, too!

Phil D.
There was an automatic for sale last year. It had a HKS turbo in it.

Dean and myself both had the oppourtunity to test drive it(at different occasions). It was noticably slower out of the hole and threw the 0-60 range. However on the highway it seemed to come to life a little more. Mind you it was set at 6lbs of boost.

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