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Right now im a little pissed at how my car has been acting.
Today both my Alternator belt and power steering belt broke and and it also broke my waterpump :x. Luckly i pulled over right away. I was like 80 miles from home. To top it off I usually carry tools just in case something like this happens, some how i left them at home. The good thing i had family near by. I had to call them and take me to the nearest Auto Zone to buy a water pump, silicone, Anitfreeze and both the belts.
Yesterday, just before I went to work some how my rear tire got flat. Its good to have 4 Spare tires on rims ready to go :twisted:
Then last week my alternator went bad so i had to replace the it.
Dont you just hate it when this happens. one bad thing after another :x

<--Just venting
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