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Bad TPS???

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Well further testing shows that the TPS is cosntatntly putting out 5 volts. I do not understand why but I just assume its broken. At leist I hope. Im hoping thats its not doing that because of some type of constant ground somewhere or something. Im going to try and replace it and if that doesnt work then Ill now I have to chase some damn wires down. Thanks much...

PS- I wonder what this is doing for my fuel trims...consdiering the EFI runs the injectors and timing according to TPS, and the AFM. Although the AFM is functioning fine I wonder if the TPS is making things screwy. If anyone knows of anythign that this might be please chime in. THanks,

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Sounds like you were testing the 5V constant source for the TPS. The square style ones do not output a varying voltage, they merely show continuity between various pins at certain points in the movement range. The TSRM or the Haynes manual should have good testing procedure.
Hmmmm. That could be a problem with the 82-84 supras. Specifically setting the hi/lo throttle points. If that were the case you would probably have to ignore the hi/lo throttle setting and have the same ammount of correction for both on the SAFC.

Anyone else have input on this?

The SAFC needs to see a voltage signal on one wire, and on the square TPS's, the continuity appears between different pins at different throttle conditions. This is why the SAFC won't work with earlier model Supras.
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