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:bling: I think this says it best. I'd say they did a good job on making the Aztek look better, but underneath the :bling: its still an '80 Chevy Citation (or '85 Toyota Corolla/Chevy Nova) with a lift kit.
8) I never liked the look of the Aztec BUT this looks hot I like it
They got the idea from the Pontiac Vibe
Cool Aztec :twisted:
wow, the only half decent looking aztech in the world!

Its still an aztech though.
Thats pretty nice lookin'. On another note I saw a babyshit green aztek the other day, I hope they got that thing for free or at a huge discount because it would make you sick just to look at it every day.
the sidepipes are matched in very well, look almost stock.
Thats the cleanest AZTEK i've ever seen. The kit looks molded to the body, Hmm, i wonder if it's on airbags!? Butt still pretty good...
thats a nice looking Aztec 8)
Man that thing looks wikid. I dont like the stock ones. Its great that we have people with imagination and foresite to do these kinds of things. Great job.
i dig it :)

has anyone seen a chevy avalanche without the cladding?? theyre actually a pretty good lookin truck when cleaned up
The likely reason why you guys dig the Aztec:

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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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