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Are you running on deck power, or seperate amps???

If you are on deck power, then yes, you will need some sort of bass blocker thingy.

If you are running seperate amps, then you should be looking at crossovers. 3 1/2's are not really great for bass at all. If you go this route, then if it's set up properly, then you can crank the volume up higher w/o any distortion, depending on how your speakers are rated (and Infinity's are very good speakers).

My Alpine system is running seperate amps. I have one Alpine 140W 4-channel amp that is running my 4" Alpine coaxial's in the stock dash locations & my 6 x 9" Alpine triaxial's in the backseat side panels. The amp is on the default 4 ohm setting @ 35W per channel. The built in crossovers are set on high pass, which will weed out all of the bass frequency's. I can crank the volume up about 2/3 of the way up, before I get any distortion. Which is just fine with me, at that point the system is at ~113 db, which is a bit loud for me anyway. (The system has been tweaked w/ a Audio Control RTA that can also check the db level, thus I know the numbers are correct).

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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