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Baxter's Historic Races in Portland, Oregon in July

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I'll be there, and Chris Eng will as well as Don Culbertson, et al.
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Here's the post (I believe you can contact Vinnie at [email protected]):
Greetings Supra Members

As you know our get together events year is about to start, and I wanted to get this ball Rollin a little sooner than later this year.

The Baxter's Historic Races is one of the Best and Biggest events that we have every year (besides Vegas), for all of us Supra PacNW members. I will be the coordinator for this event this year, so that we can take a little off the shoulders of our fearless leader (Mr. Hart)!

I hope that we can have a "Large" PacNW turnout this year, we had 12 last year and out of 300+ members that's pretty weak! So put the date on your calendar, get the time off from work, and get your car ready! We are looking to have a larger turn out than the MR2 group... You have almost 4 months to get your car together!

Payments will be easier than ever this year, we now take Credit and Debit Cards, via Paypal!! So now there is no excuse this year for not getting this done in a timely manner. I will still take checks, but Paypal is preferred, due to ease of tracking the funds, a receipt for you payment, and getting them in quickly.

The Information:
A.. Location: PIR (Portland International Raceway) in Portland Oregon

B.. Date: July 11-13th But we are there on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th,
10am -4pm

C.. We meet at 9am, and enter thru the PIR gates at 9:45 AM both days

D.. Cost is $35 per car + $1.50 Paypal Service fee for PayPal users
(This includes 2 passes for all 3 days Fri, Sat, Sun)

E.. Payment Deadline ** May 11th 2003**

After the event on Saturday's we previously went to my favorite BBQ place TK's in Beaverton but they are no longer open for business. I plan on trying to find another location so we can have an little "after the event dinner." Or we could have a informal BBQ here at my place, burgers, chips, soda, salad..?

I would like to get suggestions for the restaurant, or BBQ here at my place....

So let me know what you all think and let's get Registered!

First time Historic Races Coordinator

Vinnie Reed
1990T w/Targa
2000-2001 IASCA & DB Drags
Oregon State Champ
*MKIV Intercooled*
Seamus Epp & Jamie Bergen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Are the 2 of you paying attention???????? Payment deadline is in about 2 weeks!!!!!

BTW Jamie, my Redpra WON'T be mesquito fogging the PacNW group this year, the car is currently in the shop getting the valve stem seals replaced, along w/ a few other things that needed to be done.

I'm hoping that many of you MKII & MKI owners that are up here in the PacNW can come to this event & participate (the MKII will be there for sure, not sure if the MKI is coming). The Noon parade lap alone is worth it.

If any of you don't want to use Paypal & would rather send Vinnie a check for the $35 entry fee, PM me, I have his mailing address in Beaverton, OR.
I don't think I will be making Baxter's this year. Too many other things going on this year. However, for any of you who have not attended this is a blast and well worth the time and expense to go. I highly recommend it. I attended last year with the Turbo Toad and drove from Albuquerque.

Not only is Baxter's a blast ,being hosted by the PacNW folks is great as well. This is a great a goup of friendly folks as you will ever meet.

I highly recommend "outsiders" attending if you can.

Good work on getting those valve stem seals done, Chris. :D
Are all the NW mkII's guys ashamed of ther cars? Hell,I'm showing up with a bone stock 83 L-type,probably this years fogger "I know it smokes a little,not THAT bad, :wink: "
I'm not likely to have a decent car to take by that time. :(

I would like to check it out though.
Haven't done anything like what this sounds like and would love to check it out.
Yup-Got the wife to put the check in the mail- :twisted: She thinks its just one day-Got an open passenger seat for Sunday-Shawn, you know I got no shame-Ill be showing off my 3+ tone paint? job and haulin down a single wide for the corral :roll: -I sure am tired of all these trailer queen MKIIs-At least til I have 1 that nice!!!!-Mike P-Already waxing

Aw don't worry, we'll just tell everyone that your car is a work in progress!!! Josh Rapier came last year!!!! Sure, his car needs a repaint, and I make fun of his "Blue Door" (shhhhhhhh.......), but it's all good!!!

Heh, don't worry. mine's not a trailer queen either... It just looks nice, but at least this year, I won't be mesquito fogging the group during the parade lap..... Heh, we can just bug Don Culbertson about his trailer queen (well, he won't be trailering his to Portland, but the plan is to trailer it to Vegas this year).

Glad to see that we have at "least" 5 MKII's coming. Myself, Don, Shawn Pease, yourself, and "hopefully" Seamus Epp (Suprafiend) will bring his SDR 85 as well,

Now if I can just get my temp guage to stay stable, then I can bring the Silver Slug as well, but then I need someone to drive it down for me.. :?

LOL!!!! Yeah, you're wife is in for a surprise when she finds out that we'll be there till Sunday as well.... Hopefully she won't be tossing her cookies after we're done driving like maniacs during the Noon parade lap.. :shock: :D
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Chris,that heat issue has got to be one of 2 things.1.bad injectors,running lean "I don't recall-didn't we have those done?" 2. BHG/Cracked head--want to borrow the block tester ? I have it in the truck right now!

Don't think it's the injectors. Ran the Toyota injector cleaner in the tank after I got it back from you in October & the car runs better (in fact, NOW it goes into fast idle, where it never did before). I just got done running a bottle of the Redline FI cleaner through the tank & everything is fine.

Don't think it's a BHG or cracked head... Not loosing any coolant, the anti-freeze color is still red, and the color of the oil is still fine (it's sort of dark/black, but that's because it's ready for a oil change), it's not looking like a chocolate milkshake. The overflow tank is not puking coolant after motor shutoff.

The head retorque Don did should have prevented a BHG, for now.

At this point, I'm going to swap out the thermostat (it probably got fubar'd when it got a bit warm when you drove it back down at the end of July after it's first visit, thus it's doing some subtle opening & closing), and I'm also going to change out the temperature guage sending unit. The temp guage needle is doing some very SUBTLE moving around, but everything is still within the normal operating range. Has not gotten close to the red mark yet
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Hey Chris-wasnt it your car that blew a little coolant during dyno time?-Did you fix that class F hose? Ive got some Duct Tape hangin around :twisted: Found someone who has a non duct taped intake connector for my car :D, and it turns out one of the paint colors is rattlecan overspray-busy right now on work time scraping and waxing. As far as the wife-She is intimately familiar with the location of passenger side grab handle :wink: Mike P 85 WIP
So do we have a count of how many MKII's will be there? I hope to be done with my rebuild/turbo the weekend after next (the 17th or 18th).

I have paid and will be there.

Sounds like a blast.
Sounds like about 3-5 MkIIs right now. :) Should be cool.

Hopefully Aaron Garney will make it so that we can shim his wastegate just before the parade lap like a couple of years ago... ;)
I have a manual boost controller,we can just plug it in and twist the screw all the way :twisted:
Hmmm. I must look into this shimming thing.


Yep, the Slug did have a minor coolant leak & that has now been fixed. The connection was loose on the upper heater hose, where it connects to the heater VSV. The original hose clamp that was on there would not maintain tension, thus the clamp would stretch when I would tighten it. Got another hose clamp (one of those threaded adjustable ones) & the connection is now nice & tight. So no more leak there.
I'll be there, I'm all paid up. Not sure if I'll be in one of my mk2s though, I may just ride down with my buddy Duane of CFX.
Looks like I should have decided to go this year instead of last. No more clouds form Chris E's 85, a whole more MKII folks, I have more done to my 85, etc... Anyway it was fun. And yes I still have the blue door, :D haven't painted the car yet!
Josh & Leslie will like this one!!!!!!!!!

AND,.... This year, I won't be looking at the tailights of Jamie Bergen's 84 6M on both days !!!!! Yep, she can't make it this year!!!! :cry: :cry: I'll just be staring at someone else's tailights instead, during the parade lap!!!! Hopefully, I won't be looking at someone's MKIV, as they accelerate away on the backstretch :p :?


Payment deadline for this year's Baxters gathering is coming up VERY FAST!!!! Vinnie needs everyones $$$$$$$ IN HIS HANDS BY THIS SUNDAY, MAY 11TH!!!!!!!!! Vinnie will probably be turning the $$$$$ to Campbell Productions on Monday.
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