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Josh & Leslie will like this one!!!!!!!!!

AND,.... This year, I won't be looking at the tailights of Jamie Bergen's 84 6M on both days !!!!! Yep, she can't make it this year!!!! :cry: :cry: I'll just be staring at someone else's tailights instead, during the parade lap!!!! Hopefully, I won't be looking at someone's MKIV, as they accelerate away on the backstretch :p :?

What are you talking about Chris? You couldn't see my tail lights on the backstretch last year, your eyes CAN'T be that good,... I was waayyy too far ahead of you. :p
MkIVs aren't the only thing that accelerates away from Chris' "redpra".
Alas, I'm having to skip Baxter's this year. I was gonna bring a larger box of rice for Chris' bumper too!! Oh well :(
Y'all have fun up there!
1 - 1 of 76 Posts
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