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Baxter's Historic Races in Portland, Oregon in July

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I'll be there, and Chris Eng will as well as Don Culbertson, et al.
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:mad: Gonna miss out on friday nite Supra Wash as wife has to work-Will be day trippin saturday-Will be at Hwy 512 & I5 Mcdonalds in Tacoma at 700 AM if anyone from Tacoma and parts north wants to hook up-running out of time to do the 317 things that need to be done by Saturday-Uh, Sunscreen? Isnt this in Portland :? -Mike P
Mike,Ophir and myself decided to leave sat. a.m. also.I'm leaving the house about 5,meeting him on Capitol Hill 6ish,and doing a flyby on Tacoma.
The 83 is not making it.I'll either be in Don C's backup car,or if I don't get it tommorrow,I'm riding shotgun with Ophir.

Chris E !!!!!! what channel do we run on the motorola's?????????????

Valve stem seals were fixed back in April.... No more fogging problems... Now we get to poke fun @ Jim Edwards Sr. & his fogging issues on his MKIV... :D

Now of course, ALL of the upper seals are going to be replaced before the head goes back on.. Such fun.... :p

Set the Motorola's to Channel 14, Code 38.

Thursday's the day that I'll be finding out which car is coming to Portland.. If things go well, I'll be leaving for Portland on Friday evening. If the Slug is going, then I'll be leaving earlier in the afternoon.

It's now official!! The Redpra will be sitting @ home (in Ballard) this weekend.

Heard from my mechanic a few hours ago. The head is still @ the machine shop & "possibly" won't be ready until around mid afternoon, or at the end of the day. Unfortunately, my mechanic needs it NOW in order to get the motor reassembled & running correctly at the end of the day. So I'll be bring the Silver Slug instead.... :)

The good news however, is that only for the 2nd time since 1998, the PacNW Supras will officially have a 4 Gen showing @ Baxters, instead of the usual 3 generations. Keith & Vinnie should be happy about this.

Not sure when I'll be in Portland, other than sometime this evening. Probably won't make the Mini Meet in Beaverton tonight, but who knows, it might be possible. See you guys on Saturday & for those coming in from out of town, have a safe trip down!!!
oh well the Seatle meet and Vancouver meet (Aug 3rd) will be SDR friendly, and SDRs will rule Vegas this year!
Ophir is not making the trip now :cry: But,I'm leaving the house in a few minutes to go get Toomie 8)

I'll be leaving here about 5-5:30am.See ya there.
Hmm-Lets see-210 Miles to Portland, thats an Hour and a half in Toomie :twisted: -Or, "its 210 miles to portland, I got a half a tank of gas, its night, and were wearing our sunglasses-HIT IT"-See ya on I-5
Naw,I'll be keeping the speed down.I'm NOT going to get the FIRST TICKET in that car :wink: Though the V-1 helps alot :D
If the neighbor decides to actualy get up and ride shotgun,we will have to vids to play with also :twisted:
well its 11:50 pm, guess I better get going. nah, I'll get a couple hours sleep first, see you guys there!
Well I know I'm a little late but I finally got the pix up from the baxter meet

see the rest at
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A little? :screwy:

A couple more months and this years baxtors would be over! :D

In fact I think its about time to start making travel plans for this years. I'm going to miss Vinny's carpet this year.
Hey Cool, you have a bunch of pictures of Agatha.

For some reason, the last picture that is on the lower left won't open up all the way. And it's the one picture that has a semi closeup pic of the Slug..... Otherwise, I saw the other 2 that were on the top row.

This year if the Redpra can behave from now till July, the Slug will be staying home this year....

For those of you who are not on the PacNW list & are wondering what's going on w/ this years event, I've already bugged Keith Hart last week. Supposedly, Joe Shesso (Light Blue 89T @ HPFreaks) is collecting the $$ this year. Still waiting for more info on this & who to send the $$$$$ to. Yes, I know the payment deadline is coming up soon. And don't forget about some of the changes this year for the event (AutoX this year for participating clubs, if any individuals are interested. $5 a person... And supposedly, we will be having MORE than 1 lap around the track during the noontime parade lap)....
sweet ...

I'll check on that pix right now

edit: pix fixed...
Thanks Will....

Hrmmm.... nice partial side view of the Slug....

Damit.... And that's my ugly mug behind the white Saab... I must be babbling to Don or something... :p
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