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best headers for 5m

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whats the best headers for my 84,, i heard pacesetter arent that nice

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really, you only have pacesetter or doug thorley. I loved my doug thorley's. They lasted a VERY long time. I've seen the joints crack on pacesetters within a few years.

you might want to do a search on this forum about this, as there's a LOT of information about each header, both good and bad on each. It would be very hard to have each person re-post what has been discussed...
i have pace setters on my car sounds good, performs well,, but then againg the only thing i have to compare to is the stock manifold


Depends on where you are/ $$$ allowance. If your in Cali like I am, Thorley, but it's not cheap. I paid about $500 for mine. (ceramic coated)They are absolutly great. They are engineered differently than a tuned header and affect a broad rpm range. Check out for more info. In a non smog state, a Pacesetter will suffice, though I've heard that some people have had mounting problems with that one. Also heard the quality is not as great as the Thorley. Or if you happen to be a lucky sob :p , Tri-Mill is kick-ass. usually has the best deals around on these. good luck on the thorley's though. If you've just missed a production run, you might have to wait a few months.

On the other hand...theres a few pacesetters on ebay...some are going for dirt cheap.
Ok I checked the site and pretty convincing. If I plan to turbo supra? Should I still buying this. Is it interchangeable?
Headers are NOT interchangable w/ a turbo/exhaust manifold.

How long until you plan going turbo?? If it's in the near future, save your $$$$ for the turbo parts. If it's going to be several years, then do the headers.
Don't waste your time/money if you plan to go turbo...absolutely 110% not compbatible. :!:
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