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Best song of the year

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Love music, all kinds. But really not too much comes out that I would consider a keeper, especially not this year. A song that has great lyrics and music. A song that you will still listen to years from now. Until now.

Re-Offender by Travis

A real keeper. Best song of the year. What a great chorus and the music is brilliant.
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Malibyte said:
"So Far Away" - Staind
"Here Without You" - Three Doors Down
hell yeah... those are two of my absolute favorite songs right now. heh... i enjoy a bit of country too *runs away* :D

my choices for song of the year:

"The Voice Within" - Christina Aguilera *puts on heavy-duty flamesuit* :wtf1:
"Pierced" - Audio Adrenaline
"There Goes My Life" - Kenny Chesney
"Remember When" - Alan Jackson
"Here Without You" - Three Doors Down
"So Far Away" - Staind
"Feeling This" - blink-182 (uhh, maybe not) :mrgreen:

i'm really digging blink-182's latest album, though -- they've really shed their 'joke-band' image.

-Evan (Evanescence -- the essence of ME.)
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