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Blended fuels

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I was reading in "The New York Times" recently where the senate is talking about a proposal to start producing quantities of gasoline blended with Ethanol to help reduce emissions and lower the price of gasoline. The whole process of increasing the use of blended fuels throughout the U.S. is supposedly going to slowly take place over the next nine years. This sounds like another episode of "Gasahol" from the oil crisis during the 70's. I know that some states have been supplied with Gasahol at the pumps for a number of years now. Has anyone been running this blend? Has it caused any problems? Interestingly enough, I changed the oil and filter today on a 2003 Ford Ranger that is classified as a FFV (Flexible Fuel Vehicle) that is designed to run or either gasoline or blended fuel(s). I stood back from the truck and thought back to the memories of the problems that Gasahol caused back in the 70's. Metal corrosion, vapor lock, etc.. So, I began to wonder what susceptible metal parts on the Ford truck had been replaced with another material to combat the effects of alcohol on certain metals. I looked underneath and discovered that the gas tank was made of plastic. Hmmm! I'm beginning to wonder if this is slowly going to turn the MKII's into rice-burners in the possible near future and force us to replace our gas tanks with plastic fuel cells! :roll: I'm guessing that the blend may consist of more than 10% alcohol, thus the need for plastic parts. I sure as heck hope this is not the case! Hmmm, maybe I should become a farmer and start growing LOTS of corn. 8)
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