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Body Kits ?

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Does Anyone Know of any Body kits for an 83 Celica Supra? if so sites or pics would be greatly appreciated. :lol:
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Erebuni has a kit. You can see the front of it in the celicasupra Gallery...its white and i think its the last picture. This was the car in Fast and Furious.

ya know. I think I look at your black MKII in your gallery at least once a day... I like it alot, lol
i still cry :cry: every time i look at it. dam that car looked good. but we have the technolige we can rebild it better and faster when all is said and done my wight supra will look just like the black one with difrent rims. man its just so sad :cry:
You can see some pictures of my white 85 with an erebuni front air dam fitted and M3 BMW side skirts. I just need to get my rear apron fitted next and then get my big Introforged rims on and it should look pretty trick.

Check out
you did a good job on blending you air dam did you do it or have it done and are those stock flares or did you get them with the air dam? Dave
No I didn't do it I had to pay someone. But he did a great job blending the arches. They are the stock arches. Can't wait to have the rear apron fitted now.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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