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Body mouldings from Dragons Den Supra

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Does anyone here have any experience with this seller, or their reproduction trim? I was considering buying from them, but wanted to see what the community had to say before I give anyone cash.
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I would be surprized that this is Billy himself.
That name does not ring a bell to me, and it's not Phil Bridges either.
Seriously, this guy should be here if he does aftetmarket parts for the MK2.

The only other one I've heard made some, is a body shop that made a complete restauration on an 85 SDR couple years ago, without really pushing the product availability.
^^ Why are you so quiet about it?
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I do beleive BILLY_GTS did some GB of front wrap-around in 3 colors, and some very nice aftermarket steering horn buttons.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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