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Body mouldings from Dragons Den Supra

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Does anyone here have any experience with this seller, or their reproduction trim? I was considering buying from them, but wanted to see what the community had to say before I give anyone cash.
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Is this a forum member or a company? I think quite a few people would be interested in these parts.
That's Billy_GTS kind of a side project. From what I understand, he's been doing a batch of individual pieces at a time, i.e. 30 copies of the right-rear, then move on and do 30 of the left-rear, then a door and so forth. He recently posted that he's like 3/4 way around the car and waiting on more raw materials hung up in the supply chain chaos (freedom convoy, etc.) to make a batch of the last piece. Optimistically maybe shipping by April? He was only going to make them for those who pre-ordered and put up a deposit a year ago, but since it has taken so long, at least one person backed out publicly, maybe more backed out that we don't know about, so you might get lucky and there be some extras available. However he probably already has a waiting list too. If he says he can help you then he will. He's been around these forums for at least a decade and provided a lot of parts prior to this.
You keep posting that Billy has been around for a decade and this is clearly not true. He joined this forum in 2019. I believe you keep confusing him for BillyM. I think the opinion of more than one person would be drastically different than yours on his credibility/professionalism. This includes some of the true OGs who have been on the boards since the yahoo days. Do your own research on this guy IMO. YMMV.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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